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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Learning Outcomes

Most degree programs include the following core curriculum.

Core Curriculum (24-26 credits total):

* The Core Curriculum for students transferring to a Connecticut State University may differ from this. See Course Descriptions  and please consult your counselor.

The General Education learning outcomes specify the set of abilities each Capital graduate should obtain. Upon completion of an associate degree program a student will be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively
    1. Present ideas and information clearly, citing sources where relevant
    2. Display a command of standard English in speaking and writing
    3. Apply effective strategies for accessing research information from print, multimedia, and electronic sources
    4. Demonstrate versatility in the use of communication technologies for the transmission of ideas
  2. Reason scientifically and quantitatively
    1. Demonstrate understanding of mathematical and scientific principles
    2. Apply these principles to the solution of problems
    3. Interpret numeric information presented in graphic forms
    4. Apply scientific methods in inquiries
  3. Think critically
    1. Read, analyze and demonstrate comprehension of complex ideas, identifying the influences of context and ambiguity
    2. Draw inferences from facts in the construction of well-reasoned arguments
    3. Evaluate the reliability of information sources, recognize subjective and objective presentations, and demonstrate an understanding of the ethical use of information
    4. Develop and utilize the skills necessary to adapt to changing information technology
  4. Employ a global perspective
    1. Identify differences and relationships among world cultures; recognize the role of diversity in American history and daily life
    2. Trace the implications of history in shaping responsible citizenship
    3. Take an active role in the political, cultural, and economic life of one’s community
    4. Show awareness of the economic, political, and social effects of globalization
    5. Explore the arts and humanities, recognizing their influence in the development of society and their perspectives on the construction and limits of human knowledge