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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online Learning

What is Online Learning?

Online Learning expands the college campus by creating “virtual classrooms” where faculty and students can meet anytime, anywhere - without leaving the comforts of your home or office. You have access 24/7 to course content, library reserves and messages.

Online Learning provides flexible, learner-centered instruction to students who may experience barriers of time and place with traditional campus-based course offerings. All of the Online Learning courses and degree programs at Capital are fully accredited. Instructional content is equal to traditional on-campus courses but it has been modified for online presentation.

Orientation sessions are offered at the beginning of each semester for students who are new to online learning. You are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions to receive basic instruction on the use of Blackboard Learn. Visit http://capitalcc.edu/dl for days and times.

Should I take an Online Learning Course?

Prior to enrolling in a Online Learning class, students should seek the advice of an Academic Counselor and answer the following questions honestly:

  • Am I prepared for self-paced, independent work?
  • Am I a good reader?
  • Am I highly motivated?
  • Do I have regular access to an internet-connected computer with a printer?
  • Am I familiar and comfortable with computers?
  • Can I load specialized software on my computer with no assistance?
  • Am I willing to spend 10-12 hours a week for an online course?

What is Blackboard Learn?

All Online Learning courses and many on-campus courses use Blackboard, a powerful online learning management platform. Blackboard provides a rich, multimedia experience by combining text, graphics, computer documents, and audio/video in an easy-to-learn web-based environment. Many faculty use Blackboard’s communication and learning tools, such as course messages, discussion boards, assignments, electronic testing, gradebook and web conferencing functions.

What do I need for an Online Learning course?

We highly recommend to Online Learning students that they have a personal computing device and access to broadband internet. This recommendation becomes a requirement when online courses are involved.

The recommended device is a laptop or desktop computer. Netbooks, Chromebooks and tablet computing devices do not have the computing power of a normal laptop or desktop computer. For this reason, they are not recommended for use as a primary computing device.

If you do choose to buy a new or used computer, we recommend that you own a fairly recent model. PC manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Apple offer package deals and student discounts. In addition, the College Bookstore offers software at discounted prices for students and faculty.

Mobile Devices

Some course content as presented in Blackboard Learn is not fully supported on mobile devices at this time. While mobile devices provide convenient access to check in and read information about your courses, they should not be used to perform work such as taking tests, quizzes, completing assignments, or submitting substantive discussion posts.

Computer Specifications

Operating Systems: Windows 8 or newer or Mac OS 10.12.x or newer

  • Firefox* 57 or higher
  • Google Chrome* 63 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge* 42 or higher
  • Safari* 12 or higher (Mac only)
  • JRE versions 7 & 8

* Although mobile app versions of these browsers aren’t supported at this time, users may have success using them. Students should download the Blackboard Student app provided for free through iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft app stores.

Courses may require some or all of the software listed below (Windows/Mac)

  • Adobe Reader*
  • Adobe Flash*
  • Adobe Shockwave*
  • Apple QuickTime*
  • Windows Media Player*
  • Microsoft Silverlight*

* free download available

NOTE: Some courses require Windows-only software

Linux Operating System is NOT supported by Blackboard Learn. Internet Explorer, AOL, Safari 11 and lower, and Firefox 56 and lower, Chrome 62 and lower, are NOT supported for use with Blackboard Learn. Google Chrome 42+, Firefox 52+, and Microsoft Edge do NOT support NPAPI-type plug-ins including Java plug-ins and many media browser plug-ins. Blackboard doesn’t support these browsers for use with the Virtual Classroom and Lightweight Chat tools, the multiple-file upload interface, or embedded media that require NPAPI plug-ins for viewing.

Online Learning Support

Technical Support

Academic Support

  • Counseling Services, 860-906-5040

For the latest computer specifications, course information, illustrated tutorials, directions for logging into Blackboard Learn and a complete list of contact information, visit the College Online Learning website at www.capitalcc.edu/dl

Login to myCommNet / Blackboard Learn

Follow the instructions below to access Blackboard Learn using the myCommNet portal.

  • Go to http://www.capitalcc.edu
  • Click on the myCommNet button (or go directly to: http://my.commnet.edu)
  • Enter your NetID (12345678@student.commnet.edu) & Password (same ID & Password used to log on to college computers)
  • Click Login
  • Click on the Blackboard Learn icon, a new browser window will open. Pop-ups must be enabled for *.commnet.edu and *.blackboard.com (Note: Some courses may not use Blackboard Learn)
  • Click on the title of the course you wish to enter
  • Click on My Institution tab to view your course list and/or to select another course to enter.
  • Use the log out buttons (do not use the red X to close the window) for Blackboard Learn and the myCommNet portal.