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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


The College Bookstore is operated by the Follett Higher Education Group of Oak Brook, Illinois. Bookstore hours are arranged to meet student needs, and are printed in the course catalog, weekly Bulletin newsletter and the College’s website. In addition to textbooks and supplies, reference books, posters, giftware, and a large clothing line are also available. Other services include “book buyback” service. The bookstore has established an online textbook ordering program designed to enable students to electronically view, select and order new or used textbooks with convenient pick up in the campus bookstore. The Internet address is:

The College accepts no liability for acts or claims arising from any action or lack of action by the bookstore company. A copy of the contract entered into by the College with Follett is available for review in the Business Office.

The Bookstore will be closed to the public for the Fall Semester. Contact the store between 9am-5pm at 860-525-5956 to schedule an appointment for an in-person visit or to speak with a staff member. Staff will be available Monday-Thursday to answer questions and to fulfill online orders. For all back to school needs, please visit our website,


Capital Community College offers class sections with textbook and online resources for under $50 or, in some cases, even free. These sections are known as our no-cost/low-cost classes, which can be found in the class schedule with the label: #NoLo