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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

Transfer Opportunities at Capital

Capital Community College has a number of transfer articulation agreements with public and private colleges and universities including the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut State University system (Central, Eastern, Southern and Western). It is important that students seek the advice of a Guided Pathways Advisor early in their academic career to ensure proper course selection. Credits that are transferable and applicable vary from college to college, so it is critical that students learn about the college of their choice, and the transfer process for that college.

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) System Transfer Tickets

Connecticut Community College students who complete an associate degree program can transfer to all Connecticut State Universities (CSU) and Charter Oak State College offering their major. Upon transfer, students are guaranteed full junior status and can complete a bachelor’s degree in their major. Students in a CSCU Transfer Ticket program will complete the first 60-63 credits at Capital Community College and the final 60-63 credits at a Connecticut State University or Charter Oak College

For more information, visit or email the Advising Office at

Transfer to the University of Connecticut through the Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP)

The Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) is an agreement between the Connecticut Community Colleges and the University of Connecticut that guarantees admission to the University of Connecticut’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources, or Business, provided certain requirements are met. Students must have earned no more than 30 transferable credits at the time of application to the program, must maintain a 3.0 minimum cumulative average (or 3.3 minimum for Business) and complete the Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at Capital under the terms of the agreement.

For more information, visit or email the Advising Office at

CCC hosts a Transfer Fair every October that includes in-state and out-of-state College/University Representatives. Individual college visits are also arranged throughout the academic year. For more information about the transfer process and other transfer opportunities please contact the Advising Office at


Cross Registration at Connecticut Public Colleges and Universities

Guidelines for Exchange of Students Among Institutions of Public Higher Education

The Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education approves the following guidelines for exchange of students among institutions in the state system of higher education, which will provide an opportunity for students enrolled in a community college, state university, or the University of Connecticut to benefit significantly by taking a course or courses not available where they are registered but offered at another state institution.

  1. Preliminary, informal inquiry should first establish that there is a substantial degree of interest on the part of one or more qualified students enrolled at the home institution in a particular course offered by the host institution but not by the home institution.
  2. The host institution, after making accommodation for its own students, will determine the number of vacant student places in the course that could be filled without exceeding the acceptable limit on class size.
  3. The home institution will recommend not more than this number of its students to the host institution, which will examine these students’ qualifications for taking the course in question.
  4. Students admitted to a course or courses will register under the procedures for unclassified students in the host institution, which will issue a transcript record of credit earned after the successful completion of the course.
  5. The home institution will accept this credit in transfer under its own procedures, making it a part of the student’s record at his or her home institution.
  6. Students who have paid the tuition and fees of full-time students at their home institutions shall be exempt from further charges. Copies of receipted fee bills should be accepted by the host institution in lieu of payment.
  7. Part-time students shall not be exempt but shall pay the tuition and fees required of unclassified students who take the same course at the host institution.

Cross Registration at the Colleges of the Hartford Consortium of Higher Education

Full-time students at Capital Community College have the opportunity to cross-register for courses in modern/classic languages, women’s studies and urban studies at member colleges of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education: Central Connecticut State University, University of Saint Joseph, Saint Thomas Seminary, Trinity College, the Hartford Campus of the University of Connecticut, and the University of Hartford. Typically, there is no additional cost. Capital is the only community college member of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education. Capital students are encouraged to obtain a copy of the Consortium Cross-Registration brochure in the Enrollment Services’ Office, Room 207.

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