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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Payment of Tuition and Fees


The total tuition, applicable to the general fund courses is payable in full by the payment date specified by the College, which shall be not earlier than six weeks, nor later than three weeks before the first day of classes, unless a Tuition Installment Plan has been approved. Students owing the College money (library books, fines, etc.), will not be allowed to register until all debts are settled.

All students registering for School of Workforce & Continuing Education courses must pay in full, at the time of registration. The only exception is for School of Workforce & Continuing Education courses costing at least $850 and meeting for a minimum of six weeks. Students registering for these courses may elect to pay in installments by signing up for the College’s optional Tuition and Fee Installment Plan Agreement.


At the time of registration, all students enrolled in credit general fund courses must pay a deposit of the applicable college services fee, student activity fee and transportation fee. When registering early, the same applies.

Installment Payment Plan

  1. Normal operating procedures assume that all payments to the College by students shall be on a pay-as-you-go basis. However, the College recognizes that circumstances may be such that students require other payment options. Therefore, the College has an established optional Tuition Installment Plan Agreement to defer payment for tuition available to all matriculated students enrolled in general fund courses who are taking six or more credits or for a School of Workforce & Continuing Education Course costing a total of at least $850 and meeting for a minimum of six weeks. In addition, if the student is in receipt of a financial aid award letter from the Financial Aid Office, s/he may be able to defer the tuition and fee payment up to the approved amount of financial aid.
  2. When payment is deferred, there shall be written assurance of payment as follows on file with the College:
    1. By the student if s/he has reached majority or by the parent or legal guardian, or
    2. By the College Financial Aid Officer that assistance is forthcoming from an organization or federal or state financial aid program, or
    3. By third-party payer. The student may provide written documentation from a responsible third party (e.g., sponsoring organization, government agency, employer) which guarantees payment.
  3. No deferment of payment shall be approved or extended until outstanding accounts of the prior session or semester have been settled.


Accounts receivable shall be established for all students whose tuition and/or fees have been deferred and for any other student fees or charges not paid by the established due date.

To utilize the installment payment plan students must be registered for three or more credits, or for a School of Workforce & Continuing Education Course costing a total of at least $850. The initial payment is 25%-40% (depending on time of enrollment) of total tuition and fees and a twenty-five dollar ($25) installment plan fee.

Students who advance register and pay fees only at that time may opt for the tuition installment payment plan, if they request so by the final tuition payment date, August 5, 2021. These students will be required to pay 40% of tuition and fees at that time and the $25 plan charge.

First semester international students will not be eligible for this plan. Continuing international students will be eligible after the successful completion of their first semester. The Foreign Student Advisor must approve all International students for eligibility.

Refunds of tuition will be contingent based upon the appropriate College Refund Policy.  The Bursar’s Office will try to send payment reminders to students. If students need to be deregistered, the Bursar’s Office will provide the Registrar with a list of names and a notification will be sent to the student prior to deregistering the student and letting them know when and IF they will be deregistered.

Failure to meet the full payment of this plan on or before the dates indicated may make the student subject to any or all of the following: cancellation of registration, denial of transcript and/or Certificate services and denial of registration for additional courses at Capital Community College. Additionally, the College will forward this matter to a collection agency. Once a student has been deregistered from the College, full payment will be required for reinstatement.

Non-Payment, Late Registration

Failure to have made all applicable payments by the payment deadline MAY result in the withdrawal of the student’s registration unless a Tuition Installment Payment Plan has been approved. Failure to make payments in accordance with the Tuition Installment Payment Plan MAY also result in the withdrawal of the student’s registration.

Students owing the College money or library books or fines will not be allowed to register until all debts are settled.

Students presenting bad checks must replace them within seven days (one week) of the college’s receipt of such notification or the student’s registration shall be immediately withdrawn. In addition, the student will be obligated to pay a returned check fee of $25.

Late registrations, which occur after the payment deadline, shall be accompanied by full payment of all tuition and fees applicable to the courses for which registered unless a deferred payment schedule has been approved.

A late payment fee of $15 will be charged to all students for any tuition and fee payment received after any of the established due dates as set forth in the Tuition Installment Payment Plan.

If the student’s registration is withdrawn effective prior to 10% of the course elapsing, the account receivable will be canceled and no hold placed on the student’s academic records. If the student’s registration is withdrawn effective after 10% but prior to 20% of the course elapsing, either because the student has officially dropped the course or has failed to pay, the account receivable for the initial tuition and fees will be canceled and a $50 fee for each dropped course will be incurred during this time frame This dropped course fee will remain on the student’s record, the College shall take reasonable measures to collect the amounts due, shall not issue the student’s official academic records, and shall not allow the student to register for future semesters until such receivable is paid in full.